Cylinder Head Design

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Cylinder Head Design Programme

The Cylinder Head Design Programme enables the user to calculate the cylinder head dimensions that will result in the desired Cylinder Head Volume.

This is also particularly useful when modifying non-squish type heads to squish type heads.

TorqSoft - Cylinder Head Design Programme



Our example is for a cylinder with a bore of 58mm. First enter the recess diameter and recess height of 58.15mm and 0.6mm respectively. If the head design should have no recess chamber - common when the piston does not protrude above the top of the cylinder at tdc - then enter the cylinder bore for the recess diameter and enter 0.00 for the recess height.

Next enter the squish diameter of 41.00mm and a squish angle of 9.00deg. Note that this angle is with respect to the horizontal plane and differs from the Squish velocity programme where the angle is with respect to the piston crown.

Finally enter the combustion chamber height and angle. Note that the height is with respect to the horizontal base of the head and the angle is with respect to the horizontal plane.