Inlet Disc Valve Time Area Two

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Inlet Disc Valve Time Area Programme

This programmme calculates the specific time-area for a disc valve controlled inlet port of an engine, where the port has a "wiper blade" shape. From this information the programme calculates the potential power capability of the engine. If you require an increase in power from your engine, you can quickly ascertain what modification will give you the required increase.



Suppose you have a two-stroke engine with a capacity of 125cc and you wish to produce 54 bhp - as measured at the crankshaft - at the design engine speed of 13,000 revs/min. We are going to use a 40.00 mm carburettor.

The image below shows that a 40 mm inlet has a power potential of 54.69 bhp using a sensible inlet closing of 82 deg atdc. The programme also automatically calculates the required disc valve cutout angle to give the required port timings.

TorqSoft - Disc Valve Inlet Time Area Programme