Honda Camino - Honda PA50

A 50cc moped manufactured by Honda Belgium between 1976 and 1991. The bike uses an air cooled two-stroke engine with reed valve induction. The cylinder for the 45 km/hr version has 1 exhaust port and 4 transfer ports.

Honda Camino - mid 70's model

Shown below is a mid 70's Honda Camino . This particular bike is 100 % original.

TorqSoft - Std Honda Camino

Shown below is the measured power (bhp) vs road speed (mph) at the dyno roller for an original std mid 70's Honda Camino vs an original std mid 70's Puch Maxi. The Camino gives 1.75 bhp vs 1.45 bhp for Puch Maxi. It can also be seen that the Camino out performs the Puch Maxi throughout the operating speed range for the two mopeds.

TorqSoft - Std Honda Camino  Dyno Test - std Honda Camino vs std Puch Maxi


Honda Camino - fuel consumption tests

The table below shows the measured fuel consumption - in both mpg (imperial) and l/100km - for a Honda Camino at different throttle settings. The test course was 30.4 km long over undulating terrain. Fully kitted inc helmet etc, the test rider weighed 82 kg.

The optimum throttle position was found to be 1/2 throttle, resulting in a fuel consumption of 2.54 l/100km (111 mpg imp).

Fuel Consumption Tests
Gearing MPG l/100km
1/2 throttleCVT1112.54
3/4 throttleCVT1052.69
full throttleCVT903.14

The table below shows the Port Durations for this totally original engine. The cylinder has 4 transfers - 2 of which are positioned at the rear of the cylinder, facing the single exhaust port. The engine breaths via a 12 mm carb and flows directly into the crankcase via a 2 petal reed valve. It is immediately apparent that the port timings are very mild.

Engine Port Timings
PortDuration (deg)

Engine Details
Comp Ratio6.5